Jack and ferdi is the first ever bleisure app that will turn your long and exhausting business trips into memorable experiences!

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Imagined by 2 expat serial entrepreneurs with busy business travel schedules, Jack and Ferdi is the first bleisure app for business travelers looking for more. Frustrated by the feeling of constantly missing out, Romain and Anne-Fleur decided to develop the tool they wish they had when they traveled for work.

Traditional search methods are riddled with the same issues: the content is often sponsored, the ratings are frequently unfairly manipulated, and the recommendations are not tailored to the user and his/her preferences. Since business travelers have little time to scroll through endless results pages, the idea emerged of an app that would offer unbiased information, suited to the travelers' profile, constraints and location and vetted by locals. Jack and Ferdi provides business travelers the opportunity to seize the full potential of their trips by offering geolocalized, AI-generated, and curator-vetted suggestions.


The Jack and Ferdi app offers information on authentic experiences available after work (unique places to see, local food to discover, authentic souvenirs to bring home). It also provides data on opportunities to have a positive impact while on the road (run and walk itineraries, indigenous music, and curated local charities to give back to), while not forgetting the primary reason for the business trip...conducting business. The app also offers data on local business etiquette, learning opportunities, and great work/meeting spaces. This well-rounded app will help business travelers combine business and leisure travel and adopt the growing bleisure travel lifestyle

In a nutshell, Jack and Ferdi...

  • Makes the combination of business and leisure travel a reality

  • Improves work-life balance 

  • Encourages well-rounded travel

  • Educates travelers on local business manners

  • Enables business travelers to have a positive social impact while on the road

Curated by local experts (aka our city ambassadors), our suggestions are authentic and up-to-date. After all, aren't people who really know the area the best ones to listen to?

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